Nomophobia – mobile angst


What is your most precious belonging? What would you not spend the weekend without? What breakdown constitutes the biggest everyday disaster? The breakdown of your mobile? Lately vendors sell small cage-like tools to lock up your and your friends mobiles for the evening to have a few hours of quality human-to-human time. Would you lock yours up?


Why would we want to disconnect ourselves from your phones? What would we do with the port to our friends and family blocked? Without the weather channel, the games, our favourites blog and news entertainment sites? Everybody’s phone numbers, our e-mail accounts, our images, our notes and social connection platforms.

Locking the mobile away, is cutting of our emotions. When the mobile is off, the world of the emojis remains dark. They float through virtuality unable to share a laughter, a kiss or a hug. We can no longer receive emotions of others, and perhaps more painfully, we are cut off from giving, cut off from those emotions which only exist through sharing.

Do you feel the disquiet that the constant entertainment could stop for a second and open up the abyss of emptiness? Nothing foreign-headed added, just your own thoughts in your head.

Why would you want to lock away your mobile?

To kiss your lover, to cook food, to tickle your cat, to open the door to your friends and have a meal with them under the early evening sky.