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One way to safe time and keep the wardrobe lean(er) is to chose two brands for clothes (and shoes) from which to buy. Either online brands or shops. The shops have the advantage, that you use less CO2, because you can try different models on in store and there is no sending back and forth of packages. Also you don’t have to stay home or go to the pick up station to get packets and take them there for sending back. The advantage of online shopping is that you don’t have to go to the shops and listen to loud music or search forever for the two items you are actually interested in.

The idea of sticking to two shops is that if there isn’t anything you like in a season you don’t buy anything. If you have the urge to buy, you ask yourself if you actually do need something urgently, or if you just like to have something new. And if you need something, how urgently you need it. Do you need it next week or can it wait a few weeks or month?

Before you go shopping check your wardrobe, if you have 10 good shirts you probably don’t need another one, even if the one in the shop looks good on you. On the other hand, if one of your three pairs of trousers is still sort of okay but wearing thin on the buttocks or very faded, it may make sense to replace it, should there be a good candidate. If not, you already know to look out for trousers next season. Ask yourself what you need. A need does not emerge because the shops have a new delivery.

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