knockout sweetness



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Yesterday evening, as part of my shopping, I bought a raspberry chocolate bar. I was immediately very much looking forward to round off my dinner with it. So after my meal, I prepared myself coffee and put a small piece of the chocolate next to it on the couch table, sat down, snuggled up on the sofa and put the raspberry-cocoa creation into my mouth. And spit it out again. It was nothing like chocolate, it was a super-ultra-sweet piece of something. I could barely taste the cacao and the raspberry manifested it self as a somewhat sour aftertaste. Eating a sugar cube would have been less sweet and probably more enjoyable.

So, my plea is less sweetness in sweets and just one kind of sugar, so that the primary flavour(s) of the food remain detectable to the human tongue. Otherwise, all flavours collapse in the knockout-sweetness of a sugar-blend-detonation.